Cosmetic Procedures and Medical Negligence

The Rise in Cosmetic Surgery Industry

The plastic surgery industry is said to be booming according to the BBC New Health. Since 2008 Britain is said to have been in a recession and it has been claimed that households in Britain have suffered the biggest economic dip at the start of 2013. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that people’s disposable income dropped by 1.7% in the first three months of the year 2013. The main cause of the drop was due to the rise in prices of everyday products but the fall in wages. People are also saving a lot less as much of their money is used up on vital things that are needed and after household costs and bills there is not much left.

About Medical NegligenceHowever this dip in disposable expenditure surprisingly has not been represented when it comes to those opting for cosmetic procedures. It seems that we live in an age where are appearance is one of the most important aspect of life as people year after year spend thousands of pounds on it. The very old fashioned saying of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ cannot be further from the truth as many people are judged instantly on how they look. It seems that the most fashionable clothes are no longer enough people’s physical appearance far outweighs it. Society is forever changing and it seems image and presentation speaks volumes, it is the communication of the future.

According to BAAPS more than 50,000 cosmetic procedures took place in 2013 hitting a record high for Britain. The cosmetic procedure world saw a 17% increase on the previous year seeing liposuction rise by a massive 41%. In 2012 3,071 people opted for liposuction compared with 4,326 people in 2013, an increase for both men and women. Even the scandal of the PIP implants did not seem to put sway people form not having cosmetic surgery as breast augmentation stayed as front runner seeing a rise of 13% with 9,854 people have breast augmentation in 2012 compared with 11,135 in 2013. The figures prove that we live in a world where people are constantly striving to not only look their best but also look younger with anti -aging treatment being the second and third most popular cosmetic procedure to have.

About Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence is the term given to the act of a medical professional that is considered below the standards expected by the medical community and this act which could have been avoided has caused harm to the patient. This can also happen in the cosmetic surgery industry too. If you consider the treatment you received was below par or you were injured while a procedure was being carried out then you can get in touch with a medical negligence claims solicitors such as  who can offer advice. As with every surgery or procedure there are risks involved some directly connected to the procedure while others such as aesthetic problems which are indirectly connected  but it is when a complication occurs that could have been evaded is where medical negligence happens. According to the guardian a record number of patients are suing the surgeons who performed cosmetic surgery on them as they were not happy with the final appearance. It goes on further to state that only 30% of general medical negligence cases are successful compared with half of the claims to do with cosmetic surgery blunders. The Medical Defence Union (MDU) has suggested the growth in medical negligence claims aimed at the cosmetic industry is to do with the growing expectations of the people.Also to find out how you can make a complaint against the NHS you can visit

Evaluating Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery The UK needs a medical evaluation trust organisation so people can share and discuss opinions on operations and cosmetic surgeries. In the UK right now cosmetic surgery is growing faster than ever. If people are not happy with how the look they just contact a cosmetic surgery agency and tell them what they want doing and also tell them how they want to look. From teeth to nose and face jobs. In the UK right now its going in to the cosmetic surgery culture.

Why do we need to evaluate what can go wrong?

We need to evaluate the things that can go wrong because many cosmetic surgeries have gone wrong and even damaged how people look, in fact some cosmetic surgeries have made some people look a lot worse than before the even got surgery. This has then made the people wish the had never of got it done.

Young People Getting Surgery

When some younger people are choosing to get cosmetic surgery done they also do not look in to how dangerous it can be, some even just want what their mates have got. Its important for younger people to be made aware of the dangers and told just how many different things can go wrong. Just by searching the internet on cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong can give you a lot of information. theirs some very bad stories. In some cases the patients might end up getting compensation but money is not every thing as some people can be affected the rest of their lives after the surgeries have gone wrong.

Being Aware Of Getting In Debt.

A lot of cosmetic surgery agencies offer loans so you can get your surgery on finance so you will pay monthly. People need to be aware of getting huge loans or getting a high interest loan. It is very important to read the small print before going ahead with this, as a lot of people have been ripped off. In some cases once papers are signed it might be to late but you can always double check even if you have recently signed documents as some documents may have a certin time to cancel them even after signing the documents.

Being Careful Not To Get To Many Things Done.

In some cases some patients are never happy example they might get a nose job then want a face lift just weeks later or even their lips or eyes doing. Many people can get carried away and not be aware of just what they are getting done as it can be very addictive to some people. Some people can get that many cosmetic surgeries they will not even reveal the exact amount of surgeries they have had done.


Useful Information On UK Cosmetic Surgery

For more useful information on cosmetic surgery visit Also hear is some good information on protecting people from cosmetic surgery and different views and recommends better regulation